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Powerful but simple domiciliary care management software designed for agencies of any size.

Care Planning

Client care plans can be developed and used to detail tasks that need carrying out when a carer attends an appointment. Whomever attends, they will have access to the client notes, history and any messages relating to the wellbeing of the client.

Appointment Scheduling

Schedules are automatically updated so carers and clients know who is attending an appointment and when. Management can assign, reassign or cancel appointments easily and the new carer has access to the client notes before they attend.

Bespoke to You

As the system is accessed via the internet, we can be totally flexible about how you want the software to work. The core system has managed thousands of appointments so has everything needed to run your business out of the box. We are happy to carry out bespoke customisations as needed.

Reports and Alerts

Emails can be sent to client relatives when carers arrive and leave an appointment. This greater visibility leads to more trust and less client worry. Reports on attendance, outcomes and task completion are built in.

Reduce Paperwork, Increase Visibility and Provide Better Care.

Our domiciliary care management software is especially useful for clients whose relatives live some distance away and want to keep up-to-date with the excellent care being provided.

The system sends notifications to relatives (and management) when carers arrive and leave an appointment. It provides carers with a task list to be carried out and enbles them to record when they have completed the tasks with any other details of the appointment. Information can be quickly and easily entered into the system via an internet connected smartphone. No downloads or other set up is required.

By allowing management and client relatives access to completed appointment notes and upcoming schedules, everyone has a clear understanding of who and when is attending and what will be done during an appointment.

Developed in partnership with Cheadle Care Agency - Deckchair Care, our Home Care Software is proven to save time, provide piece of mind and enable efficient domiciliary care agency management.

  • Save Time

    By replacing paperwork with an efficient online system, recording notes is quicker, simpler and less time consuming. Everything previously recorded on paper can be replicated by our Homecare Software. Including: medication records, dental notes, hygiene, body map records and much more.

  • Improve Communication

    Moving to a secure online system allows clients, carers and management access to the same information at the same time. Clients only have access to their relatives appointment notes. Management have access to everything.

  • Simplfy Care Planning

    Client Care plans are as flexible as a paper-based system, just much quicker to set up, change and manage. Care plans are made up of a schedule of appointments - each of which has a task list assigned that needs to be carried out on attendance.

Homecare Software Highlights

Care Plans

Care Plans are an essential part of domiciliary care. As a care agency manager, you will be familiar with the rafts of documentation that needs to be updated and recorded for each appointment. Moving to a secure online management system is easier than you may think and will save time and money whilst ensuring compliance with CQC regulations.


During an appointment your carers will have access to essential client notes and appointment history. They will know exactly what needs to happen during the appointment and be able to record when a task is completed - or why it hasn't. Clients are notified when an appointment starts and finishes, and they have access to the results of the appointment which, in our experience, provides a great sense of reassurance - something they may not get from other care agencies.

Quality Care

Moving to an online system means everyone having real-time access to information. Managers can proactively suggest improvements to the care plan. Reports are automatic and client relatives are reassured that their relatives are receiving the best possible care.

Homecare Software Features

Effective Scheduling

Based on the individual clients care schedules and carer availability, the system highlights when appointments need assigning and if there are any gaps in the schedule.

Better Communication

Carers are able to record the outcomes of appointments quickly using an internet enables smart phone. The system is simpler than sending a text and the results are available instantly online. Management are able to edit appointment details in cases of mistakes, but carers are not allowed to edit appointments once completed.

Secure Data

No need for carers to carry round sensitive client data, for example keysafe numbers.


Figures for invoicing, payroll and milage expenses can be extracted for use with accounting software.

Rearrange Appointments

If a carer is unable to attend an appoinement, quickly reassign it to another available carer. They will instantly have access to the previous appointment notes, history and contact numbers.

Client Feedback

Real-time entering of appointment detail allows for instant response and quicker alerts if needed.

Access Anywhere

Mobile access to comprehensive data including customer details, appointment task details, previous appointment notes, and any special requirements.

One Central System

In addition to providing access for management and carers, our Homecare Software also provideds an interface for client relatives to access appointment and scheduling information.

Access Permissions

Clients, Managers and Carers all have access to different parts of the system. So Clients can only access their own data, carers can only see their appointments and managers can see everything!

Care Plans

At centre of the system is the client. This then leads to a Care Plan being established (schedule of visits). Mangement can then add in tasks to each visits for the carer to complete.

Carer Tracking

Increased visibility of carer activity and performance via GPS information.

Comprehensive Reporting

Easy to use reporting provides management and clients with increased, real-time visibility. When did the carer turn up and leave? Were all the tasks carried out? How much are we invoicing this month? etc.



"They regularily keep us informed of her well-being, we use the Personal computer portal which allows us to access information about the times they arrive, times they leave."


"The portal provides additional reassurance and reaffirms the essential principles of transparency, continuity and working WITH families to ensure appropriate individualised care packages."


"The web portal is brilliant, letting us know what has happened during the care visit in additional to assessing Mum’s well being. This helps us to be informed and proactive with her care."

All in One Homecare System


In the Homecare world, things change often and quickly. We provide an easy to use interface for assigning appointments based on availability. There is a calendar view of all the appointments and scheduling reports so your carers get the right amount of hours.


Homecare-Software.net includes a billing engine that reports on client appointments and provides a detailed summary and service cost. These figures can then be entered to create invoices in your normal way (free accounting software is available online if you are just starting out).


Homecare-Software.net calculates carer wages based on their salary and hours worked (including milage expenses), these figures can then be entered into your payroll system.

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License Options



  • Up to 10 Clients
  • Great for start-ups
  • VPS Hosting
  • Free Set-up
  • Email Instructions
  • Allocated Domain



  • Up to 30 Clients
  • AWS Hosting 2GB 3TB
  • 5 hrs Support
  • Personal Sub-Domain
  • Drag and Drop Scheduler
  • Monitoring
  • Backups



  • Up to 200 Clients
  • AWS Hosting 8GB 2CPU
  • 10 hrs Support
  • Own Domain
  • Drag and Drop Scheduler
  • Monitoring
  • Backups



  • Customisations
  • Setup Help
  • Data Imports
  • Ad Hoc Queries
  • Training

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